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Colombia’s economy boasts a wealth of opportunities, thanks to its dynamic nature and the support of many stakeholders. This thriving ecosystem has become a top choice for investment in Latin America.

Notable Startups
startup iconCargaya SAS BIC
startup iconEatCloud S. A. S BIC
startup iconEatCloud S. A. S BIC
Top Coworking Spaces
startup iconCorporate Innovations Hub by Deworkacy
startup iconSk Technopark
startup iconMitwork
Top Accelerators
startup iconMTS StartUp Hub
startup iconHSE INC
startup iconHi-Tech Turbo
Notable Organizations
startup iconMail.Ru
startup iconMoscow Agency of Innovations
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Key Stats of the Colombia Startup Ecosystem

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Taxes and incentives:
  • Colombia Digital Nomad Visa makes it easier for non-Colombians to relocate to Colombia if they have a monthly earning of US$ 684.

  • Taxpayers are allowed to claim a reduction of up to half the amount they spend on research and production of electricity from alternative sources, such as green and blue hydrogen, and on implementing systems for energy efficiency, such as smart metering, for a maximum of 15 years.

  • Taxpayers who make direct or indirect investments or donations to projects classified as R&D are eligible to deduct 100% of those expenses from their net income for the fiscal year they were made.

  • The National Entrepreneurship Policy creates a supportive environment for starting, maintaining, and expanding businesses that lead to income, wealth creation, improved productivity, and international business development.

Investment landscape:
- From 2019 to 2022, the number of deals in Colombia grew by 111%, and the number of dollars invested increased by 230% year-over-year.
  • Colombia is ranked second in the region for Y Combinator investments. There are 25 startups backed by the Y Combinator.

  • Colombia is home to several successful international venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global Management and GGV Capital and local venture capital firms, such as

  • EWA Capital is committed to making early-stage investments in startups with a minimum viable product.

  • InQLab is an early-stage venture capital company that provides incubation services in Colombia.

  • Impulsum Ventures is a seed capital venture capital firm, based in Bogota, Colombia. They invested in some promising Colombian startups such as Sempli and Vozy.

  • Polymath Ventures combines business strategy and design thinking to create leading ventures targeting emerging markets.

  • Vertical Partners, Bancolombia Ventures and FCP Innovación are some of the other notable investors in Colombia.

Colombian startups also have access to many angel investor groups, including AIM Network, ANDI Del Futuro, Vertical Labs, B2B Capital, INVX, Ventura and Ellevate Bogota.

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